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  • Kris Rostecki


​I have a comfort BEHIND the camera. I like watching all the lighting, and obsessing over how the shadows are hitting 'my' hair dos. I enjoy running in between flashes to fix obnoxious fly aways with a bottle of JOICO ICE blast (my favorite spray adhesive) and a well placed pin. So when one of my favorite models asked me to join a photo shoot she was working on - IN FRONT- of the camera, you can be sure I had my share of reservations. That was of course until I met the lovely, easy going and evidently talented Caitlyn Chapman. Although it certainly was not as easy as I expected, it was a fabulous experience! I'm happy I have such wonderful people in my life to push me out of my comfort zones because at the end of the day they pretty much made me feel like a rock start :) You can check out Caitlyn's blog and website here:


Right below the pin up photo's you'll find some more of her amazing work with one of my stunning colour clients- Breanna Berndsen as well! I am not responsible for the styling in the photos of Breanna but wanted to give a shout out to Alexia Hazeldine for such an incredible look!!