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INSPIRADO DESIGNS, now in collaboration with Burke Bridal, offers Brides a choice of full salon or on-site wedding morning experience.  No matter which package you select, you and your group will receive a personalized hair & make-up experience to ensure the special day gets off to the perfect start. A look customized to your vision that includes high end, clean, organic, vegan products where ever possible.

Owner, Kris, leads the team with your inspiration and satisfaction as top priority.

This talented team is here to create the long-lasting style you desire, not only for you, but your attendants and family as well!

hair & make-up – Party of 4                                                           $1000.00 

hair & make-up – Party of 5                                                           $1175.00

hair & make-up – Party of 6                                                           $1400.00

hair & make-up – Party of 7                                                           $1575.00

hair & make-up – Party of 8                                                           $1650.00

hair & make-up – Party of 9                                                           $1850.00

hair & make-up – Party of 10                                                         $2020.00


For the Bride, this package includes a full in-studio consultation, hair & make-up trial with any accessories chosen and photos for your use. Prices above reflect in salon services. Trials are always conducted in salon. If on location for wedding day: Travel charged separately per stylist. Taxes extra.



Do you have an assistant for large parties?   

A:  Yes. I have several assistants available for large parties or those on a time crunch. Other than a separate travel fee, there is no additional charge for an assistant unless you are booked on a statutory holiday. Parties of 4-6 will require 2 stylists. Parties of 7 -9 will require 3 stylists , parties of 10-12 will require 4 stylists.  


What if I don’t want a hair trial?  

A: It is my professional recommendation that you book a trial. Unless you are physically unable (out of town Brides) to book a trial, generally the booking will not be accepted.  Reasons are numerous, but a few of the most important are as follows:  

  • Meeting for a trial prior to your wedding date allows you and your stylist to connect in an environment where you are not distracted or worried about all of your wedding day preparations. We take the fact that you are honoring us with being a part of  a day you’ll remember forever, seriously. We want you to enjoy your day to the fullest. Having already met your team,  and knowing from your trial that we have your confidence, gives us both one less thing to worry about the day of.  

  • Many hair types are not suited to the style chosen and leaving this realization until the morning of the wedding can be risky and disappointing.

  • To ensure you do not have an allergic reaction to any of the products that are used.  

  • If your hair doesn’t take with the product we use at the trial, we can adjust your products/ method of styling to ensure the same thing doesn’t happen the day of your wedding.  

  • If you have a headpiece, accessory, veil, a trial allows the opportunity to ensure it fits into your chosen style correctly. 

  • Having background in some wedding photography as well as film, theater and modelling,  we have learned that all hairstyles have advantages and disadvantages for photos and for a long day.

  • With our team leader Kris having styled over 225 weddings alone, she has the knowledge and experience to advise a suitable style for your day. 

  • Wearing your trial style all day gives you the opportunity to ensure its longevity. 

  • Permission to take selfies all day long in every different type of light and weather possible to see how it shows up on camera before you have it captured professionally forever.

  • Very often a Bride will change her mind after wearing their style all day and seeing it in some self-portraits.  Sometimes more than once.

I heard you book well in advance. How do I secure your services for my wedding day? 

A: A deposit of $250.00 is required to secure your wedding date. 

I have clip in extensions that I want to use to make my hair fuller/ longer. Is that okay?  

A: Another reason that a trial is highly beneficial. Extensions can often react very differently than your own hair.  If you would like to add them to your style, clip-in extensions are an additional $40.00 per person.  They require more time, product and skill to set a base for, set correctly and adjust your style around. 


How long does it take per style?  

A: We average 45-60 minutes per pinned style (up-do) and the same for full make- up application. 75 minutes assigned to the bride for each service booked. This is allotted as a buffer but not always required.  


What time do you suggest we start getting ready?  

A:  A one hour buffer from the time we expect to be finished to the time you need to be out the door.

Murphy’s law = always be prepared!  We have been stopped by rock slides, car accidents, flat tires- you just never know. 

Estimating one hour per style, with a one hour buffer is our safest bet for an unrushed and fun filled morning. 4ppl= 5 hrs, 5 ppl= 6 hrs. If you would like to cut down this time estimate, extra artists are available for hire. 


What kind of products do you use?

 A. Clean ones! Vegan, cruelty-free, gluten free, ethically sourced . Canadian made, sulphate free, as well as paraben free whenever possible.


If I have more people to add who want to join closer to the wedding? Is that possible?  

A: Definitely!  We do request 2-3 weeks notice if the numbers go up in case and extra stylist is required to maintain your timeline goals.

As assistants are often busy with separate bookings, it is best to secure extra hands well in advance.         


What if I don’t know the exact location where we would like service just yet? Can I still book? 

A: Absolutely! Once a deposit is secured the date is yours.

What is your cancellation policy? 

A: The deposit is non-refundable. Please see contract for further details. 


I have decided I would like to book; What do I have to do now? 

A: Please respond to this email ( stating you would like to book.  You will be sent a contract to fill out and return with the required deposit. Once the retainer/ deposit is received the date is all yours!  You will receive a confirmation of booking via the email address you have provided. Should you not receive a notice please follow up with a phone call or email to confirm.  Remember to book your trial online!        


How do I book my trial?  

A: Please book your trial online through the website: . There is an easy to use online booking system that will be able to show you when there is availability for a trial.

  1. To book your trial please visit  Under the ‘Contact/ Book Now’ tab you will find a button that will link you directly to my calendar.  There you will be able to see what I have available and book the appointment that best suits you. 

  2. Complete a “New Client” set up. Please double check the email and phone number are correct as this is how the system will communicate with you for reminders, invoicing and access to final payment options.

  3. Please choose the option “Bridal Trial- Package” ( Which ever one you choose) 

  4.  You will receive an email confirmation of the appointment once booked, a follow up email the week before and a text message reminder the day before. 


When should I book my trial?  

A: Please book your trial Monday through Friday. Throughout the wedding season it is difficult to accommodate trials on Saturdays or Sundays because we are generally booked with wedding parties.  Booking about a month to 2 weeks before your wedding date is ideal for a trial. If you can’t make that work- don’t stress- you have enough to worry about!  Book your trial when you can. 


Where does the trial take place?  

A: Trials are conducted in my studio in the heart of downtown Kelowna. Suite 4, 537 Bernard Avenue, or at Burke Hair Lounge on Lawrence Avenue ( Across the street from one another) 


How do you calculate your travel fee?  

A: Travel fees are required due to the time and efforts required by the artist(s)s involved to pack, unpack their kits, as well as for the / gas / insurance/ vehicle depreciation required. Travel fees are charged individually for every required artist who will be on location. Not per person or per service.  

What are your travel fees? 

Downtown Kelowna 35

Winfield/ Lake Country 50

Vernon 75

Within Kelowna 45

Peachland 55

Penticton 85

West Kelowna 50

Summerland 65

Naramata 95

Glenrosa 55

Coldstream 65

Osoyoos 150


Contact for locations beyond those listed


I still have more questions- What is the best way to deal with them?  

A: Email Please. It leaves us both a paper trail and accountability for topics discussed.

Email address is  You can also contact Kris through this website or via phone 778-214-1894.


! Please understand due to the nature of this business we are often on the road/ with clients and generally have occupied hands. Correspondence cannot always be as timely as we may wish, and ask for your grace in this department. If you email, we will be reply within a couple business days.

IF it is an emergency, please call and leave a message. 


Congratulations on your engagement!

It is such an exciting and special time in your life and we would be honored to be a part of it!


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